What is Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy?

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) or cognitive training is designed to improve cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning following brain injury or disease onset. Our neuropsychologists use evidence-based training methods to improve quality of life at home, work, and in the community. Our highly specialized team collaborates with patients and caregivers to tailor treatment to the individual’s needs and goals.

Therapy Areas Focus On:

  • Learning and Memory
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Visual processing
  • Language
  • Executive functioning

Interventions aim to restore previously learned skills and establish new strategies to improve function. Patient and caregiver goals may include improvements in decision-making, planning, and goal management. They may also focus on increased success in daily activities, such as completing tasks, keeping appointments, and managing finances.

How It Works

We customize treatment to the patient’s personal objectives. Treatment may include:

  • Awareness training
  • Behavior management
  • Memory remediation
  • Social skills training
  • Psychoeducation

The duration of CRT depends on the individual. However, all programs begin with a brief cognitive assessment to measure the patient’s strengths and weaknesses. After the initial assessment, we conduct a CRT consultation and develop a treatment plan. Treatment typically includes individual weekly, 50-minute CRT sessions for 10 to 12 weeks. These sessions are systematic, structured, and progressive, and include intensive learning and practice.

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