Medication Management

What Is Medication Management?


Medication management is an area of clinical treatment that includes an initial evaluation by a qualified provider, dispensation of one or more medical prescriptions, and the long-term monitoring of symptom outcomes.

How It Works

Symptoms such as depression and anxiety can be caused by chemical imbalances in a person’s brain. Medications can relieve these symptoms by changing brain chemicals that influence mood and thought patterns.

Because every individual responds differently to every medication, a specialized neuropsychiatrist is the best equipped to prescribe and manage drug therapy. At Kaizen, our neuropsychiatrist considers the whole patient, including symptom and medication history, before determining the best course of treatment.

Medications often work best as part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes evaluation, accurate diagnosis, and therapies such as TMS, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, and lifestyle changes. Follow-up care is an essential care component of medication management to ensure that medications are meeting patients’ needs and long-term goals.

Personalized Medication


In addition to general medication management, Kaizen also offers cutting-edge personalized medication management.

Your unique genetic makeup can have significant impact on your body’s ability to process and benefit from specific medications and supplements. With some drugs, a patient’s genotype (genetic structure) can impact medication outcomes by up to 90 percent.

At Kaizen, if drug or supplement treatment is indicated, our neurologist can perform a simple genetic test to gain insight into which drug treatments may help a patient—and which may cause harm. DNA testing allows our specialists to design a personalized plan for medication management, prescribing treatments that will provide the most benefit with the lowest risk of side effects.

The Science

Pharmacogenomics is the study of the way an individual’s genetic makeup determines his or her response to drugs. This growing field of science combines evidence-based knowledge of pharmacology (the science of how drugs work) and genetics (the science of the human genome).

For drugs to take effect, they must be activated by proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body. Inherited variations in those proteins influence how quickly a specific drug is changed to an active form and how quickly it is deactivated. Slower activation can make a treatment less effective, and slow deactivation may lead to more sever side effects.

Benefits of Kaizen’s Personalized Medication Management

  • Increased efficiency in identifying appropriate medications and dosages more quickly
  • Increased safety by identifying patients at risk of severe drug reactions
  • Reduced health care costs due to faster, more accurate identification of effective medications help patients avoid a long and costly trial-and-error

Dr. Ahmed and his staff at Kaizen Brain Center are so incredible it is almost hard to put it into words. My mom who became suddenly ill at only age 52 with a neurological disorder began TMS treatments several months ago and has experienced miraculous results. Beyond the physical improvements she has made, the bond she now has formed with the Kaizen Brain team is one she will always treasure.

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