Megan Holt Registered Dietitian
Megan Holt, DRPH, MPH, RD
Registered Dietitian

I am passionate about helping individuals understand and appreciate the ways in which nutrition, exercise and other protective lifestyle factors influence cognitive health.

Dr. Megan Holt has been practicing as a registered dietitian in California for the past fourteen years. Additionally, she earned her doctorate in public health, with an emphasis in preventive care, in 2013 from Loma Linda University. A proud alumna, Dr. Holt earned a BS in Nutrition, Registered Dietitian’s license and Master’s Degree in public health epidemiology at San Diego State University.

Currently, Dr. Holt serves as a Clinical Research Coordinator with West Health Institute with the mission of helping seniors to successfully age in place, with access to high-quality, affordable health and support services that preserve and protect their dignity, quality of life and independence. Specifically, she is working collaboratively with West Institute, Brown University and Meals on Wheels to conduct a research study focused on improving the health and wellness of seniors through an enhancement of meal-delivery service that includes daily safety and health assessments. Prior research experiences included working with SDSU’s Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies and Services on a formative research and randomized trial investigating the effectiveness of a brief screening tool for capturing alcohol intake patterns in the emergency room at Navy Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD). Further, as a doctoral student, Dr. Holt worked with the VA Health Care System of San Diego on a trial looking at effectiveness of topiramate for smoking cessation in males recovered from alcohol dependence.

Dr. Holt’s experience as a dietitian includes her current role as Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator for Potentia Family Therapy, where she helps elite athletes (and weekend warriors alike) meet their needs, optimize performance and prevent nutrition-related injuries using a ‘food first’ approach. Prior to this, she served as the Team Dietitian for University of San Diego’s Athletic Department, and as a consultant for a number of youth sports programs throughout San Diego County. She also worked as a clinical dietitian for years in the acute care setting at Scripps Green Hospital. She is driven by a desire to help individuals understand and appreciate the synergistic influences of nutrition, exercise, stress management and other protective lifestyle factors on cognitive health using evidence based practices.

Dr.Holt’s other passions include swimming, yoga, farmer’s markets, animal welfare, education, live music and spending time with her beautiful puppy, Reba. She is excited to help the talented team at Kaizen Brain Center improve the cognitive health of their patients through optimal nutrition.


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Poster Presentations

Reed, M.B., Holt, M., Woodruff, S.I., DeMers, G., & Matteucci, M. (2016). Adaptation of screening, brief intervention, referral to treatment (SBIRT) to active duty personnel in an emergency department: Results of a formative research study. Presented at the 16th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Health Behavior, Ponte Vedra, FL.

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