Shan Siddiqi, MD

Shan Siddiqi, MD
Harvard Neuropsychiatrist
and Kaizen Advisor


Neural Network Mapping
for Individualized TMS


Shan Siddiqi, Harvard Neuropsychiatrist and Kaizen advisor, is a leader in network-based Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) targeting. During his residency at Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Siddiqi collaborated with other renowned imaging experts to develop new methods for targeting TMS treatments.

Neural Network Mapping

In this example, yellow regions are part of the memory network. The brain’s memory center (white circle) is too deep to reach with TMS, so instead we target the connected region (black circle).

Kaizen Adds Neural Mapping to TMS Protocol

Dr. Siddiqi and Mohammed Ahmed, Neuropsychiatrist and Kaizen Medical Director, have worked together to make Kaizen the ideal clinical center to implement the new brain network mapping technology. The Kaizen team designs personalized treatments based on an individual’s clinical history, symptom profile, and advanced functional brain imaging. Armed with a map of a patient’s unique brain circuits, Kaizen can now target TMS stimulation to precise coordinates within the brain.

Example of precise, individualized TMS targeting:

  • Optimal coordinates for hippocampal stimulation: 46, -84, 25
  • Coordinates to avoid: 63, -48, 66

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