Nutrition & Lifestyle Management

Evidence-based programs and plans to support optimal brain health, cutting through the noise to hone in on the science behind nutrition and lifestyle management.

Lifestyle and nutritional changes can be key for individuals who have experienced brain injury, have been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, or would like to take preventative measures for improved cognitive health.

Evidence-Based Nutrition Assessment and Action Plan

Our registered dietitian specializes in cognitive health and works alongside each patient to help implement fundamental, healthy lifestyle habits that support optimal brain health.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Support Program

In addition to our basic nutrition assessment and action plan, we offer a unique, personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Support Program for patients who are ready to begin making the day-to-day decisions that support their plan. The Nutrition and Lifestyle Support Program may include a home visit, a grocery store outing, or a meal-preparation training session.

Brain Bytes

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Chia seeds contain omega-3s which feed your brain – supplying it with energy, improving general function, and easing inflammation. Dark Chocolate promotes blood flow to the brain – boosting mood and promoting cognitive function. Check out this healthy, delicious dessert!