Mohammed Ahmed, neuropsychiatrist, UCSD, neuroscience

Mohammed Ahmed, MD

Neuropsychiatrist and Medical Director of Kaizen Brain Center
Hossein Ansari, MD

Hossein Ansari, MD, FAAN, FAHS

Headache and Facial Pain Specialist
Special interest: Neuro-Rheumatology
Jennifer Sumner, PhD

Jennifer Sumner, PhD

Neuropsychologist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist Clinical Rehabilitation
Kristoffer Nissinen, MD

Kristoffer Nissinen, MD

Board Certified Neurologist Memory/Cognitive Disorder and Concussion Expert

Collin Liu, MD

Behavioral Neurologist with Neuroimaging Expertise (PET and MRI)
Specialist in Cognitive Health and Disorders

Khashayar Dashtipour, MD, PhD

Movement Disorder Specialist
Shan-Siddiqi, neuropsychiatrist, Harvard

Shan Siddiqi, MD

Harvard Neuropsychiatrist and Kaizen Advisor
Ida Babakhanyan, PhD

Ida Babakhanyan, PhD


Lisa J. Black, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
Melody Diep

Melody Diep

Program Manager
Anika Balse

Anika Balse

Lead TMS Technician

Jim Nguyen

TMS Technician

Advisor and Affiliate Member

Christine N. Smith, Ph.D.

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Lisa M.Weiss, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

Primary Care Optometry specializing in Optometric Vision Therapy and Neuro-rehabilitative Optometry

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