What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a non-invasive computer feedback-based treatment, which involves learning about your body’s response to stress. Physiological changes in your body are tracked and you are provided with live feedback. Various bodily responses are monitored including your heart rate, breath rate, heart rate variability, skin sweat response, muscle tension, and peripheral temperature. Biofeedback often involves learning techniques that can be help regulate these bodily responses and achieve relaxation.

What is the length of overall treatment?

It is generally a short-term treatment, lasting approximately 5-12 sessions.

What is the average session length?

Average session length is about 45-50 minutes.

What happens at the first session of biofeedback?

Typically, your first session will be an intake assessment, during which we would gather some background information and ask you to complete several intake questionnaires. Towards the end of the initial session, we would collaboratively decide whether biofeedback would be a helpful treatment for you to pursue.

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